Lady Cries Out Loud As She Feels Women Are Not Being Appreciated

Why are women always questioned based on their body appearance? Does people’s comment really have an impact on their decision making?

Many are those who are concerned about their body shape and appearance. They always want to do according to the comments, wishes, and suggestions of the people around them.

They don’t mind going the extra mile to accomplish whatever they intend to do.

A twitter user seems to cry bitterly because people especially men don’t accept the way they are. According to her, if women post their natural bodies, people will be complaining and calling them names such as shapeless, big stomach, and others.

When they also feel bad and go for body enhancement and other domestic surgeries, the same people will call these same women as having fake bodies and others.

This has made her to be confused as they don’t know exactly what men want from women

In a post she said “When women post their natural bodies you complain and call them shapeless, big stomach, fat, lepa, wetin be this o .. now they post their cosmetic enhanced body, y’all still complain about their body being fake. Pls what do u want gan”

Should men allow women to be the way they are?

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