Trending Photo: NPP MP Distributes Branded Head Pans To Constituents

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Cape Coast North, Babara Asher Ayisi has distributed head pans to some constituents in her constituency.

The branded head pans, painted in the colours of the ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP) had the name of the legislator boldly written on them.

It also the party’s four more for Nana slogan written on them.

Pictures of the head pans have hit social media and the response is as hot as fire with many people ridiculing the gesture.

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Check some of the comments below

McCall Mamaba Coleman Dɛɛ egyimfo nkotsee

Nana Kojo Butler She has shared pans but has acquired land for his family to open pubs at ola and after de breeze

Maxwell Sam Ajeiiiii 😂😂😂😂 this clearly shows or tells you that they won’t build no airport chale I will strongly recommend that nobody should vote ndc or npp or any other party chale they don’t give a FXXX about us that’s a FACT is just family and close friends.

Mani Kay Sad unacceptable shame

Timothy Colby Bessa-Simons Mbɛlɛdze nkotseee na wɔ yɛ

Prince Adarkwah-Nyamekyeh And she boldly wrote her name on them

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