Wa Traditional Council Apologises To Bawumia Over Rejection Of Funeral Donation

The Wa Naa’s Palace has rendered an apology to Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia following a rejection of a funeral donation by the family of the late Imam of the Wa Central mosque.

A statement from the palace describes the decision by the family as “alien” as it is not in line with the customs and traditions of the people.

“Our attention has been drawn to a press release issued by the family of the late Imam of Wa Central Mosque, Dr. Suleman Mahama Haroon Bakuri on 11th September 2020 captioned as above.

“We wish to state that the ground on which the family under reference took the decision to reject your generous and well-intended donation to the said family is alien to the customs and tradition of the Wala people and therefore, most unfortunate. The least we should have been doing as a people was to thank you for the so much for your recent visits to the Wala Traditional Area in particular and Upper West Region in general.

“Your Excellency, we the traditional authorities would want to, on behalf of all the people in Wa, and the Muslim Ummah render an unqualified apology for the unfortunate incident”

“It would be recalled that Dr. Bawumia sent a delegation to the family of the late Imam to express his condolences in accordance with Islamic custom, and during the visit, the delegation made a donation to the family on his behalf.

“Even though the family welcomed the delegation and also accepted the donation, a press release by the family a few days after said they had decided to return the donation because the Vice President did not attend the funeral – an allegation the spokesperson to the Vice President has described as unfortunate, because neither the President nor the Vice President was informed of the death and the funeral of the Imam, adding that nonetheless, the Vice President acted in good faith and in accordance with Islamic custom by reaching out to the family”.


Last week the family of the late Imam of Wa, Dr. Suleman Mahama Haroon Bakuri revealed that it has rejected a donation from Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

The  GH¢20,000 from the Vice President was his support for the funeral and burial rites of the late Wa Imam but the family rejected the donation raising some concerns.

“Besides, the Vice President never showed up in person to mourn with the family when he paid a visit to the region on the 7th of September 2020.

“The money was only sent through the constituency Chairman of the NPP for Wa Central which is unethical.”

It continued that: “The Regional Minister used the powers vested in him by the Presidency to promote and support a rival faction as they purport to allegedly depose the Imam.

“Isn’t it ironic that neither the President nor his vice found it worthy to attend any of his funeral celebrations nor visit the family to mourn with them even when they visited and toured the Region, yet find it expedient to send money through others to be donated to the family?

“The family however wishes to express its sincere gratitude to the last minute kind gesture by the presidency and wish to state that it, however, came too late when the final funeral rites have been performed.”

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