List Of Police Officers Who Have Committed Suicide Since 2016

The Ghana Police Service(GHS) has been plagued with a number of suicide cases among its serving officers since 2016.

The most recent one is the case involving DSP Zeprain Zenge, the Jomoro Municipal Police Commander, who allegedly shot himself in the head at his residence on Saturday, January 30, 2021.

A total of six suicide cases in all, the issue has ignited calls to have police officers routinely made to see psychologists or other mental health experts.

We have chronicled all the six suicide cases in the Ghana Police Service within the space of five years.

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1. On 25th July 2016, L/Cpl. Corporal Wilfred Dodzi Amuzu, who was then stationed with Tema RDF went to the charge office and booked an AK47, and went straight to his house. He shot his mother-in-law, his son, and one other before killing himself.

2. On Wednesday 25th April 2017, PW/Const. Peace Agbemefo, who was for bank guard duty booked the riffle, went home and killed herself at Garu-Tempane. The rumor was that she was jilted by a lover for the second time at age 31.

3. On Wednesday 12th July 2017, a police officer known as Ebenezer Kofi Okyere, who was then stationed at Kumasi Central Police Station was in the room with the girlfriend when he received a phone call. He asked the girlfriend to go out of the room and the next thing was to take his life.

4. On 6th January 2019 at about 2:30 am, Sgt. Emmanuel Amede, who was stationed with SWAT, but resided at Nungua police Barracks, ordered the wife and children to go out of the room, and before the wife could shout for help, he had shot himself with the AK47 in the throat.

5. On 25th March 2019, Sgt. Fuseini Mahamuda killed himself and left a note behind that he is innocent of a crime he is being accused of. Sgt. Fuseini Mahamuda was being held for criminal charges, there had been reports of cable thefts at the Osagyefo Barge where he and others were stationed.

6. The District Commander for Jomoro in the Western region, Superintendent Cyprian Zenge, was found dead with a gunshot wound at his residence at about 07:00 am on 30th January 2021.

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