Aggrieved GBC Workers Sue Public Service Workers Union

More than 150 aggrieved workers of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) have sued the Public Service Workers Union (PSWU) of TUC Ghana at the Accra High Court, Labour Division.

The workers are seeking redress over infringement on their constitutional right of freedom of association.

The aggrieved workers are accusing PSWU, a third party to their employment relationship at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation of authorizing the employer to be deducting 2% of their basic salaries as membership dues without their approval.

According to the workers, PSWU is claiming of having exclusive rights at GBC and that all persons employed by Ghana Broadcasting Corporation are automatic members of PSWU.

The workers aver that PSWU has represented itself as the sole bargaining representative and a protector of workers for their employment conditions at GBC but has failed to fight for the review of the Collective Agreement of GBC for fourteen (14) years now.

They also accuse PSWU of playing the ostrich even though the employer has not paid its part of Tier 3 of their pension benefits (Provident Fund).

The case has been adjourned to 17th March 2021.

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