Ama Broni’s Family ‘Frustrating’ Us – Original Shana’s Manager

The Ghanaian media space has been filled with mixed reactions following the sudden death of Ama Broni, the lady who died immediately after twerking nak3d on stage at a street carnival at Liberia camp, Kasoa on January 16, 2021.

Original Shana and his team have on several occasions expressed solidarity and sympathy to the deceased and the bereaved family respectively.

Shana recently released a heartwrenching tribute song for Ama Broni and also promised to donate an amount of $1,000 to the family.

The artiste and his management team later donated an envelope containing an undisclosed amount of money to Ama Broni’s family but the bereaved family has expressed disappointment in the artiste for giving them $500 instead of the reported $1,000.

According to Ama Broni’s mother, Esi Mansa, people think she is making money out of her daughter’s death and that is not the case, and has vowed to return the money.

But speaking to M-Bak De’General on Splash Entertainment, Omene Aso, Original Shana’s manager condemned the barrages of threats and insults being meted out to them by the family.

“We gave the family $500 and promised to pay the difference later. We intend to collaborate with them to give Ama Broni a befitting burial – since she is a die-hard fan of Original Shana, but the family is frustrating us”, Omene Aso told M-Bak.

Budding artiste, Original Shana, during a performance at the aforementioned event, offered $100 to anyone who could take off their underpants and dance to his popular song “Yi Wo Dross” on stage.

Ama Broni who accepted the challenge by going completely nude got electrocuted after dismounting the stage and was pronounced dead at a health facility.

Source: M-Bak De’General(Splash 92.9FM)

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