Premier League Players Attend Training In Kia Truck(Photos)

It has emerged that a Premier League team in the country attends training in a Kia truck meant for carrying goods.

According to a post by sports journalist, Saddick Adams, the players are transported to training in the bucket of the truck.

Whilst the bucket is reserved for the players, the coach takes the front seat.

“A Ghana Premier League side being transported to training via this truck. Premier League of Ghana players. The coach in the front seat. This should NEVER happen. Just last year, we lost 6 young footballers because of this insensitive mode of transport such as this. We wait for disaster to strike before.

“I’ve refrained from posting this on the Internet because of the shame. I’ve been receiving this complaint from players since last year. They’re uncomfortable sitting in this truck moving up and down daily. How do we treat Premier League players like. How can we allow this.. THIS IS BAD”.

Check the picture below

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