Audit Service Board Directs Domelevo To Proceed On Retirement

The Audit Service Board has directed the Auditor General, David Yaw Domelevo, to proceed on compulsory retirement.

According to the Audit Service Board, Daniel Yaw Domelevo was supposed to have retired on June 1, 2020, as records show he was born in 1960 and not 1961.

In a three-page letter sighted by GhanaXtra.Com and addressed to Mr. Domelevo, the Audit Service Board disclosed that the clarification is based on personal records available to the Public Service of Ghana.

The development follows series of letters between the Chairman of the Audit Service Board, Prof. Edward Dua Agyeman and Mr. Domelevo.

In an earlier letter dated February 26, 2021, the Audit Service Board said it had discovered some irregularities and anomalies and requested an explanation.

The Board alleged that records at the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) provided by the Auditor-General indicated that his date of birth was 1960 when he joined the scheme on October 1, 1978.

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Again the record also showed that the hometown of Mr. Domelevo is Agbetofe in Togo; making him non-Ghanaian but on October 25, 1993, some changes were made.

While the date of birth changed to June 1, 1961, the hometown for the Auditor-General was now Ada in the Greater Accra Region.

But explaining the purported anomalies, Mr. Domelevo said his grandfather was a native of Ada in the Greater Accra Region but migrated to Togo and stayed at Agbetofe.

On the issue of his date of birth, Mr. Domelevo said he noticed that 1960 was a mistake “when I checked my information in the baptismal register of the Catholic Church in Adeemmra.”

“I was born in Kumasi and my mother in less than three weeks after my birth, returned to Kwahu Adeemmra (with me) and I was baptized in June 1961”.

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However, the Audit Service Board in its latest document dated March 2, said the explanation given makes the “date of birth and Ghanaian nationality even more doubtful and clearly establishes that you have made false statements contrary to law.”

Due to this, the Board said Mr. Domelevo is deemed to have retired in June 2020.

“By a copy of this letter, the Board is informing the President who is your appointing authority to take the necessary action. Additionally, the Board is making available to the President all the relevant documents at our disposal,” the letter concluded.

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