Exclusive: This Is Why Comfort Bliss Failed To Show Up At The Brahabebome Wedding

It was expected to be Thrilla in Manila at the Brahabebome a suburb of Obuasi in the Ashanti region after Comfort Bliss, a jilted lady threatened to disrupt a wedding ceremony.

Comfort prior to the wedding had accused Richard Agu on social media of duping and dumping her, a story that won the hearts of many.

But the much-talked-about wedding ceremony between Richard Agu, a military man, and Benedicta Langtaa at the St. John’s Baptist Church went ahead without any confusion in spite of fears that Comfort Bliss will storm the place.

First Photo Of Brahabebome Wedding Drops Online

GhanaXtra.Com is reliably informed that some elders in the church late yesterday called the aggrieved Comfort Bliss and begged her not to storm the place.

The source further revealed that an agreement was reached to have the matter settled amicably after the programme, an arrangement comfort reluctantly agreed.

It is understood that Comfort is bent on retrieving every penny she spent on him.

The fight has actually started and we will be back with more fila.

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