How Mental Disorder Affected Abena Korkor’s Academic Performance

Media personality and mental health advocate, Nana Abena Korkor Addo has shared a chilling experience of how mental disorder affected her academic performance at the university.

According to the plus-size model, even though she performed well during her first semester at the University of Cape Coast, her performance started to dwindle.

Sharing her experience on Facebook, she indicates that her Grade Point Average fell from 3.72 to as low as 1.38.

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Rapid decline in your academic progress sometimes is an early sign of mental health problems. 
In the year of my first manic episode, my GPA dropped from 3.72 to 1.38.
I wrote all my exams in less than 30 mins even if it was a 3 hour paper. I has highly hyperactive one minute in class and the next off to slumber land.
I would wear high heels and excessive makeup every wear on campus. I had a lot of insomnia, I thought it was perfect because I had extra time to either read or watch series.
All talk of having a string of unnecessary one night stands and flings. I was thought I was just enjoying life. Hardly did I know the wild manic episode was creeping in and I would be officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder soon.
Today I take you back to the genesis.
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